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Student Support Services includes prevention, intervention, transition and follow-up services for students and families at East Austin College Prep. Our SSS staff provides direct services for all children and youth at EAPrep, especially those who are experiencing problems that create barriers to learning. Direct services are provided by means such as education, counseling, consultation and individual and group assessment. In addition, Student Support Services personnel provide in-service training, parent education, community collaboration and carry out student service program management. We believe all student support services are a vital part of comprehensive school program success.

Vision Statement
The EAPrep Student Support Services Department is dedicated to empowering every student to achieve academic success, personal and social growth, wellness and college and career exploration.

Mission Statement
The EAPrep Student Support Services Department will advocate, collaborate and facilitate individual and system change to ensure every student has the knowledge and skills necessary for academic success and personal growth. We strive to empower students to embrace their full potential and to achieve their personal and academic aspirations.

Looking for contact information? Click the link to our Meet the Staff to learn more about us, make an appointment or set up a phone/e-mail consultation.

The Student Support Services Department works to provide services including but not limited to the following:

Looking for Services and Resources? 

EA Prep’s Student Support Services Department and Project CARE is moving their support services online including phone and video counseling. Please follow this link for more information as to services and resources being offered and how to contact us if you need support for your student and/or family.

El Departamento de Servicios de Apoyo Estudiantil de EAPrep y Project CARE están trasladando sus servicios en línea, incluyendo asesoramiento por teléfono y video. Siga el enlace de arriba para obtener más información sobre los servicios y recursos que se ofrecen y cómo comunicarse con nosotros si necesita apoyo para su estudiante y / o familia.

Stay up to date with information from Project Care! Manténgase con la información de Project Care!

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Take time to count blessings and be grateful!
¡Tómese el tiempo para contar bendiciones y por lo que esta agradecido!

Today’s video will focus on strategies you can use at home that will help you decrease your anxiety and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by briefly discussing the benefits of exercise.

El video de hoy se centrará en las estrategias que pueden usar en casa para disminuir la ansiedad y la importancia de mantener un estilo de vida saludable al analizar brevemente los beneficios del ejercicio.
Mr. Hinojosa

Week 4 Join us for one minute of Peace. Acompañenos en un minuto de paz.
Week 3
Please enjoy this video related to a potentially helpful skill to help you deal with any frustrating thoughts during this time at home. Miss you all! Por favor disfruta este video relacionado con una habilidad potencialmente útil para ayudarte a lidiar con cualquier pensamiento frustante durante este tiempo en casa. ¡Los extraño mucho! -Ms. Nava
Week 2
En estos tiempos, recuerdes de tomar unos momentos para respirar profundamente. ¡Por favor acompañame! In these times, remember to take a few moments to breathe deeply. Please join me!
Week 1
Student Support Services and Project CARE say hello! ¡Los servicios de apoyo estudiantil y Project CARE mandan saludos!

The Student Support Services Department works to provide services including but not limited to the following:
 School Guidance Curriculum  Individual Student Planning  Responsive Services
Academic skills support
Organizational, study & test-taking skills
Education in understanding self & others
Coping strategies
Peer relationships & effective social skills
Communication, problem-solving, decision-making & conflict resolution
Career awareness, exploration & planning
Substance abuse education
Multicultural/diversity awareness

Academic planning
Career planning
Education in understanding of self, including strengths & weaknesses
Transition planning
Individual & small group counseling
Individual/family/school crisis intervention
Peer facilitation
 System Support  We Collaborate With Teachers 
Professional development
Consultation, collaboration & teaming
Program management & operation

Parent information nights
Academic planning programs
Parent & family education
One-on-one parent conferencing
Assessment results interpretation
Resource referrals
College/career exploration
 Career portfolio development
Assistance with students' academic plans
Classroom guidance activities on study skills, career development, etc.
Academic support, learning style assessment & education to help students succeed academically
Classroom career speakers
At-risk student identification & implementation of interventions to enhance success
Parent communication/education

 Administrators  Students  Community
School climate
Behavioral management plans
School-wide needs assessment
Student data & results
Student assistance team building
Peer education
Peer support
Academic support
School climate
Leadership development 
Job shadowing, service learning
Crisis interventions
Parenting classes
Support groups
Career education 

Tómate un minuto para respirar y escuchar
Tómate un minuto para respirar y escuchar
El mensaje de video de esta semana: