Students Get Ready to Vote

EAPrep Students Get Ready to Vote in 2018 Midterms
Ms. Vidal and Mr. Trujillo led EAprep students through the UnidosUS East Austin College Prep high school students are once again participating in the High School Democracy Project thanks to UnidosUS and EAPrep teachers Geoff Trujillo and Jacqueline Vidal.

UnidosUS designed the High School Democracy Project curriculum to help schools teach high school-age students the importance of voting and to help those who are eligible to register to vote. The students recently took part in a week of action leading up to the 2018 midterm General Elections by participating in a mock election and using the UnidosUS Become a Voter app to register those students who are eligible before the October 9th Texas voter registration deadline. The specially designed curriculum made the entire process accessible and engaging for these future and first-time voters. Thanks, UnidosUS!

Read more about EAPrep students engaging in the electoral process on the UnidosUS website.

Students help each other become voters and civic activists at UnidosUS Affiliate East Austin College Prep [Unidos US]