Community Resources

Resources & Referrals

Here are some helpful counseling and mental health resources: 

  • If you have an emergency please DIAL 911 
  • Austin Child Guidance Center, provides trauma-informed mental health care assessment and counseling services for children, ages 17 years and younger. 512-451-2242
  • Capital Area Counseling, provides low-cost counseling for children, adults, couples, families, and groups. 512-302-1000
  • New Life Institute, provides psychological testing, individual, couple, family and group counseling and workshops for adults and children. 512-469-9447
  • Samaritan Center for Counseling, provides professional counseling, integrative medicine, telepsychiatry, and wellness education. 512-451-7337

Here are some other helpful resources:  

  • Austin Public Health (Neighborhood Centers, offers a variety of basic needs, employment, public health, holiday assistance, and social services. Main Line: 512-972-5000 East Austin & Montoplis Centers: 512-972-6650
  • Casa Marianella, provides shelter, food, medical and legal services, clothing, and English classes for recent adult immigrants. 512-385-5571
  • El Buen Samaritano, provides emergency assistance with groceries, clothing, and health services. 512-439-0700
  • Foundation Communities, provides affordable, attractive homes and free on-site support services for thousands of families and individuals. 512-447-2026
  • LifeWorks, advocate for youth & families seeking a path to self-sufficiency. 512-735-2100
  • Central Texas Food Bank, serves as an emergency food referral and basic needs resource; offers a long list of food pantries. 
  • Sustainable Food Center, provides information about community garden site throughout the Austin area. 512-236-0074
  • Manos de Cristo, provides a food pantry, clothing closet, low-cost dental clinic, and educational services. Main Line: 512-454-3743 Dental Clinic: 512-477-2319

Here are some helpful housing services resources:

Here are some helpful medical service resources:

  • Any Baby Can, provides case management, in-home therapy, assistance for hearing loss, nurse hime visitation, mental health counseling, support groups, parenting classes, and other community resources. 512-454-3743
  • Project Access, provides volunteer physician care, hospital care, speciality care, diagnostic services and medication assistance for uninsured Travis County residents with low-income. 512-206-1164

Here are some helpful legal resources: 

  • Catholic Charities Central Texas Immigration Legal Services, legal representation in immigrations matters. 512-615-6125

Here are some helpful emergency resources:

  • Family Violence Prevention Team, provides investigative services, legal services and social services to assist survivors of family violence. 512-974-8535
  • Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT), offers psychiatric assessments, crisis intervention, and services linkage to children and adults in community services. 512-472-4357
  • SafePlace, is a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter and survivor services for individuals and families affected by domestic violence. 512-267-7233

Here are some helpful job resources:

  • American Youthworks, provides a training program for young adults, ages ranges 17-27 years. 512-477-1953
  • Austin Area Urban League, provides job readiness, GED & computer classes, career assessment, job placement counseling, and job referrals. 512-478-7176
  • Day Labor Center operates a day labor center matching day laborers with employers who need their services for a few hours, and entire day, or longer 512-453-3776