Dollars For Scholars

a group of EAPrep students in uniforms with the text Dollars for Scholars

Dollars for Scholars is a three-year program with the purpose of providing all participating students enrolled in 4th-8th grades at EAPrep with a savings account to help them develop good habits around finances and savings. This program is the real-world component of the financial literacy curriculum for EAPrep students.

The Dollars for Scholars program will provide the opportunity for families to open a savings account for their student starting in the fall of 2017, and to take advantage of the several financial incentives through the program. The program will also provide financial education lessons by grade level so students can increase their knowledge and skills related to money and savings.

• No funds are needed to open the account: your student will receive a one-time, $10 deposit from BB&T Bank just for signing on
• EAPrep will match your deposit money up to $25 a year
• Earn BONUS MONEY for good attendance and honor roll
• No account fees or minimum balance requirements
• Use the funds for college, university or military enlistment
• During this three-year program, your student will learn how to save money and how to build a solid financial future


Signing up is easy!
Students will need to provide:
• A social security number OR
• A certified copy of your birth certificate

Parents will need to provide:
• Two primary forms of valid (not expired) identification OR
• One primary and one secondary form of valid (not expired) identification

Primary IDs accepted (not expired):
• Driver's license
• State ID card
• Matricula Consular
• Passport
• Military ID

Secondary IDs accepted (not expired):
• Credit card
• Utility bill
• Social Security number
• Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) card

For more information, contact Thelma Manzano, Good Neighbor Program Promotora at 512.689.1970 - Sponsored by BB&T and Southwest Key Programs