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EAPrep graduates in robes

East Austin College Prep is an innovative, tuition-free public school open to Pre-K – 12th graders in Austin and surrounding areas. EAPrep is the realization of a long-standing dream to have a community school located right in the heart of the Govalle/Johnston Terrace neighborhood. Come take a tour and see for yourself how every one of our students are dreaming big and preparing to succeed in high school and college.

The vision of East Austin College Prep is to serve as a model school with a rigorous curriculum that successfully prepares all students, regardless of economic background, for graduation and success in college and career, while also instilling a commitment to community service.

Inspire students to have college aspirations along with the academic skills and work ethic necessary to succeed.

1. Create and maintain a positive, nurturing atmosphere of high expectations.
2. Afford student's opportunities to develop strong leadership skills.
3. Provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, including a strong foundation in math and science.
4. Develop and showcase talent with a comprehensive extracurricular program that includes visual and performing arts.
5. Integrate community service projects into the curriculum.

Key Principles & Beliefs
1. All students will succeed.
2. More time for student learning is the key to success.
3. The results are the bottom line.