Model & Philosophy

Why East Austin College Prep?
For too long children growing up in East Austin have been expected to settle in their educational and professional aspirations. At East Austin College Prep, we create a positive, nurturing atmosphere of high expectations with a results-driven bottom line: 100% of our students are expected to go to college. Period.

EAPrep doesn’t just get students excited to attend college. It prepares them with the academic and social skills necessary to survive in the university environment and beyond. That means a strong foundation in math and science and a comprehensive extracurricular program that includes visual and performing arts, as well as athletics.

And our students won’t just go to college for themselves. Here, community service projects are part of the curriculum. After all, from the beginning, the mission of EAPrep has been to grow a better East Austin, one student at a time.

The Curriculum
Reading, Writing, Math, Science & Social Studies
Students receive 90 minutes of Reading/English, Language Arts, and Math instruction daily, providing a sound background for these two core curricula. Science is approached with hands-on experimentation and investigation, including field trips, culminating in lab write-ups and reports about the scientific process and observations. In Social Studies, students learn geography, history and government from a state, national and global perspective then apply their findings to evaluate current events.

Field Trips
At EAPrep the world is our classroom, so we incorporate frequent field trips into the curriculum to allow our students to get a taste of life outside East Austin. 

Service Learning

Giving to the community is required coursework for our students. Each one is required to spend one Saturday a month participating in community service projects, instilling in them a lifelong habit of philanthropic involvement.

College Preparation & Mentoring
Our students tour colleges throughout the year, attend college fairs and receive mentoring and individualized support with college applications, financial aid and test prep.

Co-curricular Activities
Sports, Health & Nutrition
Students at EAPrep have a wide variety of athletic activities to choose from including soccer, volleyball, running and fitness and cheerleading. Students and parents have access to high-tech equipment, regular fitness events, daily classroom physical activity breaks, and nutrition programs.

Visual & Performing Arts
EAPrep also boasts an engaging arts program with painting, drawing, dance, music, folkloric arts, spoken word instruction, and theatrical performance. We’re the only school in Austin to host the world-renowned youth orchestra program Austin Soundwaves. Students receive free, private music lessons and instruments and perform under one of their official instructors.

Intellectual & Technological Pursuits
Clubs include photography and student council.

A Full Service Community School
EAPrep is part of the East Austin Children’s Promise, an initiative to 
support your child’s success far beyond the classroom with wraparound services to meet the needs of the whole family and revitalize the neighborhood of East Austin.

Teachers With Extended Hours
EAPrep teachers are available to their students by phone until 9pm to answer questions about homework. They tutor students after school and on weekends and are available to meet with them in the morning before class. Finally, EAPrep teachers are fully accessible to parents.

Boys & Girls Club Aftercare
Our Boys & Girls Club offers students a fun and productive environment to enjoy after school and all day during summer and some school holidays. 

Parent Academy & Family Support Services
We created our Parent Academy to engage parents from the very beginning in every aspect of their child’s education. The curriculum includes such subjects as child development, educational advocacy, and parenting skills. Parents may also be connected to local resources such as social service providers, youth and adult educational opportunities, and other community-based supports to assist them in meeting the needs of their children and families.

Find out more about these and other amenities from East Austin College Prep:

Transportation to and from school
Meals provided
Extended school day
STEM summer institute
Tutoring program
Bilingual accommodations
Special needs accommodations

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What Sets Us Apart
  • Extended school day
  • 6 week summer session
  • College prep curriculum based on award-winning model
  • Small classes with individualized instruction
  • Free after-school programs on campus daily 
  • Model health program for families
  • Parental and community involvement
  • College-bound graduates
  • 100% college acceptance

Cultural Relevance

Addressing the needs of Texas’ diverse student population is a top priority for East Austin College Prep. According to the U.S. Census, the number of Latino students in U.S. public schools almost doubled between 1990 and 2006, with Texas as one of four states where the Latino public school student population is more than 40 percent of all students. East Austin College Prep is helping the area’s high school students raise their test scores, preparing students and their families for higher education, and improving employment opportunities.

“Even though charter schools make up only 2% of Texas Public Schools, they make up 20% of the best high schools in Texas. We applaud East Austin College Prep for creating a partnership with residents of East Austin and providing quality choice in education.” — Katie H. Howell, Executive Director of the Resource Center for Charter Schools.

Our Model
East Austin College Prep's organizational principles are modeled after a high-performing school model: the YES Prep Public Schools.  Standards for success at East Austin College Prep include:

  • Parents, students, and teachers sign a contract that states they will do Whatever It Takes to succeed
  • Students dedicate one Saturday each month to service learning projects
  • Teachers are available for students to contact them during the evenings and weekends with questions
  • Students participate in longer school days, college research trips, summer school and summer opportunities
Our ultimate goal is to support underserved and minority youth in attending and completing college. Students at East Austin College Prep adhere to an extended and enriching academic day. We recruit teachers who are passionate and committed individuals willing to be accessible to students until 9:00 p.m. each night to answer homework questions and available for tutoring students before school, after school and on weekends. Teachers commit to a longer school day and school year.