Enrollment Process

Thank you for your interest in East Austin College Prep.  If you are a new student or if you are reenrolling, please follow the steps below.

Step One

Apply online through Ascender Parent Portal.
Parent Portal

East Austin College Prep
MLK Campus

5800 E. MLK Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78721

Enrollment Contact: Ms. T. Manzano
[email protected]

Step Two- Complete Application

Once your student's Enrollment Application has been received, a representative from EAPrep will call you to request additional documents from your student's current school if needed.

Documents can be uploaded digitally through Ascender Parent Portal or they can be brought to the school in person after submitting the application.

Step Three- Submit Forms

Once the Enrollment Application has been reviewed, a representative from EAPrep will call to inform you if your student's application has been approved. 

Please note that your student is not officially enrolled until all paperwork has been completed, submitted, and approved.

If your student's Enrollment Application is denied, a representative from EAPrep will call to explain why. Applicants may be contacted later if openings are available. 

Required Documents

The documents required from an accepted student include the following:
 - Proof of Age (birth certificate, birth statement, report card, baptismal record) 
 - Immunization record
 - Last issued report card
 - Parent/Legal Guardian Driver's License or Identification Card (ID)
 - Parent/Legal Guardian Utility Bill

Copies will be made of each of the documents provided once the school Registration Packet is completed. These copies can be made by the receptionist at the school as necessary.

Once you are accepted

EAPrep will provide a school bus schedule, school supply list and bell schedule as well as information that pertains to the Back to School Fair or any other orientation that may be required of new families entering EAPrep. The bell schedule and school supply list are typically published online two to three weeks before the beginning of the academic year and hard copies can be found with the receptionist at each campus

These documents can be found on Ascender Parent Portal in the "Promesa Public Schools Documents" tab.

We look forward to working with you and your child in their pursuit of a quality education