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Tiger Librarian/Literacy Coach - Mrs. Antoniette Ramos, M.Ed

Library Program Mission Statement
Our mission is to continually provide library patrons immediate access to information literacy and technology resources, while successfully enhancing learning and achievement within the school community.

EAPrep Research Tools

Secondary School Library Catalog Online
 (Grades 6-12)

Secondary School eBook Library (Grades 6-12)
NOTE:  eBooks are only available to EAPrep at MLK students at this time.

Online Resources
Additional online resources are provided to EAPrep courtesy of TexQuest. Passwords for each online resource are listed directly below.
britannica school  Gale
*See the librarian for username and password information. 

General Information
Library Use and Sign-Up Procedures
  • The library media center is fully operational and flexibly scheduled Monday-Friday from 7:45am - 5:00pm. Patrons are welcome throughout the day and during lunch to use our informational resources and/or read for pleasure. Teachers are encouraged to fill out a collaboration form before researching in the library so teaching and student learning needs are met.
  • Before bringing your classes to the library for research please communicate with me a few days in advance. I will schedule your times and get details from you about the assignment. We can discuss which available resources you want to use so that together we can plan the best use of your time.
  • Individual students or small groups who come to the library during class time must have a library pass completed and signed by the teacher.
  • If you plan to use the library for any purpose other than class research or book checkout (i.e. clubs, administrative functions, testing, etc.) you must contact me in advance to schedule accordingly. Maintaining a schedule and an open line of communication will eliminate any problems.
  • Teachers must come in to check out his/her own materials. Please DO NOT send a student to do so. They will be sent back to class.

Library Policies

Assignment of Students to the Library
  • All students who come to the library during class time must have a library pass or be accompanied by a teacher.
  • Students are not to be assigned to the library as a discipline or alternative class situation.
Student Behavior
  • A student may be asked to show an ID badge to the library staff at any time.
  • An ID is required to use the Internet (AUP must be on file) or to check out materials.
  • Any student who disturbs others while in the library may be banned from the library for a period of time.
  • Any student who repeats misbehavior in the library risks the loss of all library privileges for the remainder of the semester.
Guidelines for Classes in the Library
In order to make using the library a pleasant, orderly experience for everybody, please observe these guidelines when bringing classes to the library:
  • Sign up with well in advance before bringing a class.
  • All students should work at tables except when they are looking for library materials.
  • Teachers must stay in the library with their classes at all times to supervise activity.
  • Please leave the library neat and clean. Assign students to pick up trash, place books they have used on circulation desk or near the seating area and return other reference books to the correct place on the shelves.
  • Make sure students know the library policies.
Check Out Policies
Student Identification
  • Student ID/Number is required to check out books.
  • The library circulates books from its general collection for two weeks. Students are allowed to check out four books at a time. Reference materials and magazines circulate for one week.
Overdue Items
  • There is not a fine for overdue materials. However, notices will be sent out to students and parents regarding overdue materials. Other consequences may apply.
Lost and Damaged Library Material
  • Patrons who lose library material shall be charged the replacement cost when the cost can be determined; otherwise, the original price of the material is charged. Damaged library material charges shall be based on the condition of the material. The librarian shall determine the condition of the damaged material. The care of library materials is expected.
Inter Library Loan (ILL)
  • Inter library loan provides a service and access to resources of information during and beyond the school year. Materials that are not available at the library may be borrowed through other libraries within the district, region and state.
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